As a Rainbowfish enthusiast and breeder I have made it my passion to become a significant contributor to the field in hope of preserving both their keeping in the aquarium hobby and in many cases stabilizing a future for several species of these graceful, diverse and unbelievably underappreciated fish. I have been keeping and breeding Rainbowfish for just over 30 years and my passion for Rainbowfish began with a consignment of the stunning Melanotaenia boesemani which I encountered when working for a Glasgow importer of tropical fish. I am a great believer in the power of social media and have used this platform to create a worldwide network of Rainbowfish enthusiasts through my Facebook group and personal website. My work, whether it’s hours upon hours investing time & money into my fish, or researching, learning and teaching others about the wonderful Rainbowfish of the world, helps to keep raising awareness for many Rainbowfish which are in urgent need of protection. Some of these species originate from single lakes in what are now ‘developing areas’ and hence being destroyed, polluted or filled with invasive species which are outcompeting or even predating upon these pressurized populations. For some of these fish, their propagation within the aquarium hobby is their only chance to remain on earth.

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